Saturday, April 21, 2007

Photo Gallery of Yoga Tools

Upper left the Spinal roller is massaging and manipulating the middle thoracic area of the back. Lower right is an inversion position with Roller supporting the hips.

Deep pelvic stretch with the Spinal Roller.

Full extension stretch of the back with the Spinal Roller.

The Plough and the Cervical Rocker for the neck(top photo). The Cervical Rocker is being used for massage and manipulation of the cervical vertebrae.

The Cranial Adjustor and Cervical Wedge can apply pressure to the area at the base of the skull (upper photo) and to the cranial joints (sutures) on the top, back and sides of the head.

The Zubo (a length of wooden dowel with rounded ends) applies pressure to trigger points in the back and neck.

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