Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Recliner


I don't think it pays to be too doctrinaire about rest and relaxation. Suffice it to say introducing some real rest and relaxation into one's life may be as important a health measure as eating right and getting exercise. And for many of us practicing rest and relaxation is either a luxury we don't think we can afford or else a capacity we don't really believe we have. Perhaps it helps to retire, or to think of oneself as temporarily retired, to allow for what can be considered the ultimate indulgence. Rest and Relaxation.

A good way to start is to purchase a good recliner, certainly one of the greatest inventions since hot baths. I can always tell when somebody isn't indulging sufficiently their God given right to rest and relax. They often don't have a recliner anywhere to be found in their home. I think I would buy a recliner before a refrigerator or stove. A good recliner can put you into the perfect position to rest and relax. Slightly bent in all the right places, the body is most inclined, in this position, to release tension and to slip into a deep state of rest and relaxation.

But you need to find the right recliner. It should afford a feeling of complete support for all your parts. I once bought a recliner in haste, and when I tried it out at home, I felt I was slipping out of it feet first. It didn't induce a sense of relaxation or security but instead a feeling that I would slip out if I didn't exert an effort to stay put. I sent it back to the store and replaced it with a La-Z-Boy that has served me well for the last ten or fifteen years.

We all deserve some real rest and relaxation in our lives. It could be the missing ingredient that many of us are seeking but rarely find. Forget the jewelry, cars, and complicated electronics that get pushed on us to buy for ourselves or for others. Let there be peace on earth and good will towards men this holiday season and a good way to start is either to climb into your own recliner and totally relax or else get yourself a good recliner. It's the gift that truly keeps on giving.